When you hear the word "Bemidji", you think curling.  But you probably have never thought of it this way............right on Lake Bemidji.  The Bemidji Winterfest is taking "Curling Capital U.S.A." to a new level with a Bonspeil right off the shores of Lake Bemidji. 


Whether you are an advid curler or just want to experience curling outdoors, this event for everyone.  It will be a great opportunity for novice curlers to give the sport a try and a fun change for experience curlers as well.  Substitute your sider for a good pair of winter boots and you are set.


The last time Lake Bemidji hosted outdoor curling was 1932 during the winter carnival.  It was introduced as a demonstration sport by the Hibbing Curling Club. 


Proceeds raised from this event will benefit the Bemidji Curling Club's Youth Programs.